If you have to use a parking garage on a daily basis, then you understand the small pains and hassles that can be associated with navigating a parking garage. Having a vehicle that can perform well in parking garages can make a huge difference in performance as you head to work and leave work each day. By adding a few repairs and upgrades to your vehicle, you can extend the life of the car while avoiding typical annoyances associated with parking garages.

Shock Upgrades

Speed bumps, hills, and the raising terrain of a parking garage can all take a toll on the suspension of your car. You can extend the life of your tires, transmission, and suspension by having an automotive repair specialist upgrade the shocks on your vehicle. New shocks can help absorb a lot of the daily impact that comes with a parking garage. An automotive technician can upgrade your shocks from the stock parts to bigger shocks that feature more absorbent options. Not only can new shocks help with the conditions of your vehicle, but it can make it more comfortable for you to navigate through a parking garage. Instead of your body just constantly bouncing up and down, the vehicle will feel more stable while it moves. This is also great for protecting any morning drinks that you may have like a cup of coffee.

Electric Power Steering

Until recently, a majority of vehicles relied on hydraulic power steering to make tight turns. Vehicles have now started relying on electric power steering, which is an ideal option for using in parking garages. Each time you park at work, you may find yourself making three or four tight turns just to park. Using the electric power steering can help reduce the amount of energy and fuel consumption in your vehicle. This can help you save on gas money and reduce wear on the engine. An automotive technician can convert your power steering to an electric model. After just a few months of using the new steering wheel, you may notice the difference in savings on gas mileage.


No matter what time of day you are scheduled to work, a parking garage is often dark and features limited lighting. When relying on your headlights, you want to ensure that they are bright and vivid. This allows you to see how vehicles and pedestrians traveling through the garage. LED headlight upgrades can provide you with clear visuals, bright lights, and good reflections for hanging signs found in a parking garage. The brightest LED headlights can shine brighter than daylight and will create plenty of illumination for the employee parking garage. An auto technician can replace the bulbs and the whole headlight casing for optimal visuals while driving. Not only will they help in the parking garage, but they can help for any type of night driving that you encounter.

Raised Suspension

Many parking garages feature low roofs and steep pitches to help fit as many vehicles as possible. These types of conditions may cause lower cars to scrape against the pavement. An auto repair shop has the ability to raise the suspension in your vehicle to prevent these scrapping problems. The suspension in your car will be raised only slightly to prevent your car from scrapping. It will not be raised too high to where it impacts your ability to park and get access inside of the garage. A raised suspension upgrade is a great repair to have done with your shock system so the two can work together to off smooth rides in and out of the parking garage each day.

An auto technician can provide you with estimates on parts and labor for all of the various upgrades. For more insight, contact services like Steven & Francine's Complete Automotive Repair Inc.