Getting stranded in a remote area and needing a tow service can be worrisome, especially if you know you're not mechanically inclined. However, being prepared and knowing which parts are most likely to cause problems may make the difference between a serious problem and a minor one. Here are three examples of common car components which are more likely to leave you stranded.


Usually the battery has to get extremely weak before you start to notice any difference in engine performance and only under heavy load such as running the air conditioner. However, your battery needs to be able to hold a full charge for it to start the engine, so while you may get to your destination, the minute you shut your car off, you will be stranded there. Fortunately, most batteries give plenty of warning beforehand that there is an issue, such as slow cranking and other electrical irregularities, so you can change it before it strands you.

Tires and wheels:

Making sure your tires are in good condition and inflated will help you resist small road hazards which could puncture your wheel. Another thing that could happen is that you damage your rims by hitting a pot hole or curb. In that case, even though your tire looks fine, it may mean that the bead which seals your tire to the rim won't be as tight and your tire can leak. You should always keep at least one working spare and the tools to remove a wheel in case you have these problems. Be sure to practice removing your wheel before a long trip to make sure all your tools are working properly. Unfortunately, unless you have multiple spares, you will need a towing service if you have the bad luck of blowing more than one tire.

Blown hoses and leaks:

If a large, high-pressure radiator hose blows, then you will be stranded. One thing you can do is to always thoroughly check your hoses before you go on a long trip. Signs of a hose that is going to blow include bulging at the clamps and thin areas when you feel along the length of the hose. Fix any signs of coolant leaks, no matter how small, as soon as you notice them as small leaks can suddenly turn into big ones. If your car is leaking oil or transmission fluid, then you run the risk of either starting a fire when it drips on the exhaust, or running out of fluid and damaging critical components.

Fortunately, even if you don't know much about cars, chances are the driver for the towing service can help you. They can change tires, give you a little fluid, and jump start your battery. If none of those work, they can also tow you to a place where you can get your car fixed. Contact a company like Exit 48-24 Hour Repair to learn more.