Soon, the summer heatwaves are going to be here, and you want to make sure your car is prepared. One of the most important car maintenance tasks to schedule for the spring weather is changing the oil, as well as revising all the other liquids in your car. During the spring, it is a good idea to check the transmission fluid and have the radiators flushed too. Here are some tips for revising liquids and other performing other important maintenance before the heat arrives:

1. Changing the Oil to Ensure You Have Good Protection for Your Engine

The oil change is the most important car maintenance task to do. Your oil needs to be changed regularly. If you do not reach the miles before your oil change, a good rule of thumb is to have this maintenance task done as the seasons change; the reason being that different oil weights will affect your car's performance at different temperatures. During cold weather, you want to use a heavier oil, and during hot weather, it needs to be a lighter oil.

2. Make Sure Your Coolant Is Right for The Climate and Summer Temperatures

The summer weather also means that you need to have the right coolant for your car. You need a coolant that works best at higher temperatures. It is a good idea to have your cooling system flushed and new fluid added. Having the radiator and cooling system flushed will also remove any debris that builds up in the system and can cause problems with your car.

3. Checking the Transmission and Brake Fluids for Any Maintenance Needs Before Summer

The transmission and brakes of your car are also going to need maintenance during the spring. This is a good time to inspect the transmission to see if it needs an overhaul or repairs. In addition, check the brake fluid to make sure that it is clean and does not need to be changed. If you live in a northern climate, you may use thinner fluids for winter months. Change the fluids for the manufacturer recommendations during the spring months. Keeping your fluids changed with the best performing lubricants will improve performance and reduce wear on your car.

Doing these car maintenance and fluid services before summer heat will ensure you do not have major car trouble this summer. Contact a car repair service to help with these maintenance tasks and have your car ready when the heat arrives.