Finding a commercial truck dealer is not always an easy task. What tends to complicate things is the fact that some passenger truck and car dealers deal in commercial trucks on the side. This side of their business is not commonly advertised, and so many potential commercial customers do not realize that they can buy trucks from these dealers. If you are looking for a commercial truck dealer, or just a place from which to buy a commercial truck, here are some unusual sources that will help.

Online Classifieds

Online classified ad sites (e.g., Craigslist, Autotrader, etc.) have a category just for commercial truck sales. You can peruse these to see if there are any trucks available and for sale that you need. Most of these trucks are used, which means that you can also get a fairly good deal on used commercial trucks. You may also find a few brand-new commercial trucks for sale in these online ads.

Moving and Shipping Companies

Movers and shipping companies often sell their older trucks to make way for newer trucks. With a little detailing and a paint job, these trucks can become part of your new commercial fleet. Moving companies offer more than just semi trucks, too. They sell used vans, used trailers, used pick-up trucks and used box trucks. All the vehicles that these companies sell are in very good condition and are checked and passed for emissions testing. They rarely have mechanical failures.

Storage Lots

At times, owners of commercial trucks who store them in storage garages may not pay their rent, may pass away, or may just abandon their units altogether. When that happens, the proprietors of the storage garages are allowed to sell the contents to recoup lost rent. Sometimes, there may be public auctions of the contents of these units too. If the contents are publicly listed and there are commercial trucks in these garages, you could score some very inexpensive commercial trucks by visiting these lots to purchase or to bid on these units and the trucks in them.

Salvage Yards

Some salvage yards do more than just keep scrap metal and stack wrecked cars. Some of them rescue mildly damaged commercial and passenger trucks, fix them up, and then sell them to the public. Find out which of your local salvage yards participate in vehicle restoration and sales, and then you can purchase your commercial vehicles this way.