Carpet is a feature that is commonly used to make the rooms in your house more comfortable. However, carpet can be extremely sensitive to wear and tear, which will make having a thorough understanding about the maintenance needs of this flooring option essential. If you have rarely given much thought about carpet care, you will want to use these tips to guide you so that you avoid mistakes that may cause your carpet to need  premature replacement.

Have It Steam Cleaned Annually

Staining and discoloration are two of the primary threats that your carpet will face. These problems can ruin the appearance of your carpet, but some homeowners fail to appreciate the role that cleaning can play in preventing these issues. More precisely, annual steam cleanings can dramatically reduce the effects of these problems because it will remove substances that have managed to work their way deep into the carpet fibers. In addition to these annual cleanings, you should consider using one of these devices whenever your carpet suffers a noticeable spill. After the steam cleaning has occurred, you should avoid walking on the carpet until it has thoroughly dried.

Repair Rips And Tears

When carpet suffers minor ripping or tearing, you may assume that it is not a serious problem. In particular, this can be an easy assumption to make when the damaged areas are in difficult to see locations. Yet, it can be possible for this damage to gradually spread as the fibers of the carpet start to unravel. Preventing this damage from worsening will require you to patch the damaged areas of the carpet as soon as you notice them. Patching carpet does not have to be an extremely difficult task. A simple way to do this is to simply keep a few square feet of spare carpet and a repair kit. This kit will contain a powerful adhesive that can be used to put the carpet patch in place.

Protect The High Traffic Areas Of The Carpet

Some areas of your home will experience significantly more foot traffic than others. In particular, this will be the common areas of your house, hallways and paths leading to the doors. This foot traffic can wear down the carpet in these areas fairly rapidly. Protecting these sections of carpet is not a difficult task as you will only need to place thick rugs in these areas as they will absorb the majority of the impacts and mud or other substances.

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