Truckers are known for driving super sized vehicles and making lengthy trips at all times of the day. While you have to be a certain type of person to excel in the field and make a career out of driving trucks professionally, you need your work area to be setup comfortably in order to drive safely. Since truckers spend more time in their cabins than office workers typically spend in cubicles, there are a couple of fixtures that need to be functional. When you turn the key in the ignition of your commercial truck, you want to have the following fixtures serviced, repaired, and operational.

Dashboard Controls And Functions

When you get into your truck and get it started up, you need to check all of the indicators on the instrument panel to see if any repairs have to be made. One light could signal that truck air conditioning repair is necessary while a different indicator might mean that the oil has to be replenished. In addition to the dashboard area, you also want to test out your GPS navigation, radio, and heating and cooling system so that you will be able to make it through your next trip.

Truck Cab And Sleeper Air Conditioning And Heating

Your preference may be to roll down the windows and catch the cool breeze rather than use your truck's air conditioning, but there will be days that you really need it to work. Heating is also a necessity for truckers who will be hauling freight and sleeping overnight in their cabins. Truck air conditioning repair may be needed regularly if you have an older truck or use your air conditioning often. Some truckers have portable heating and cooling systems that they keep on hand in their cabins just in case there's a malfunction and they are out on the road. 

Seating And Upholstery

Without a well cushioned seat, you will experience back pain, leg cramping and have a severely stiff neck at the end of your trip or shift. The fabric that you have on the seats of your truck can also make a big difference when it comes to temperature and comfort. If your truck seats are covered in a breathable fabric, you may be able to get a Freon boost instead of needing any type of major truck air conditioning repair or replacement when it gets hot and you know that you will be driving for extended periods of time. Most importantly, the seating in your truck should be free of holes and tears that could expose the cushions as you don't want your seat to shift around as you operate your truck.

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