If you need to use your pickup truck for work, then you need to be able to depend on it starting and getting you back and forth to work every day. However, there are a lot of problems that could happen to your truck. For example, it could decide to just not to start altogether, which could mean you have to figure out how to get to work and then work without your tools and equipment. Or, you may have to miss time from work which cuts into your income and could even lose you your job. So, if it doesn't start, you need to be able to start to troubleshoot it so that you can get going again. 

Slow Cranking

If your truck isn't starting and is just cranking and cranking very slowly, then that shows that your starting system is having problems. Your starting system needs to crank above a certain RPM in order to start the engine. There are a couple of things that you can check to see if you can get that problem fixed. One of them is to check to make sure that your battery has enough power and that the power is getting to the starting system. Your battery may be low in power, giving your start just enough juice to start to crank, but not enough to get all the way up to speed. 

Glow Plugs

Unlike gasoline, diesel doesn't fire when it's exposed to a spark plug. For a diesel engine, there has to be a lot of compression for it to spark. The compression of the fuel in the cylinders generates the heat so that the fuel will spark and catch the way that it should, provide the power to the engine. This can be really hard when the weather starts to get colder. So, diesel engines have glow plugs installed. A glow plug isn't like a spark plug. In your diesel engine, the glow plug heats up the mix of fuel and air in the cylinder and boosts it so that it's able to get hot enough to combust. If your glow plugs are dead or covered in carbon, they won't be able to give your engine the boost they need. 

If you need your pickup truck so that you can get to work and it doesn't start, then you are out of luck. If you have some ideas as to why it won't start, then you can get it fixed faster.