Keeping your vehicle up and running is one of the most important aspects of your safety when you are driving. There are so many moving parts that need to work properly in order for you to go down the road. There was approximately 40,000 fatalities in 2016 that were a result of automobile accidents. While there are many reasons for an automobile accident, a properly performing vehicle is one of the most important things while driving. One part of your vehicle that is extremely important is your brakes. When you are driving down the road here are a few things to watch for regarding your brakes:

Sponge Feeling

One thing that you might feel when you are driving is a spongy feeling in your brakes. It is very unnerving feeling like there is a sponge in your brakes. If you feel like you have a sponge in your brakes you likely have a hole in your brake line. This can be very dangerous and you need to investigate. You should look at your brake lines and try to find any spots that show wear and tear. You should also look for any rust or leaks. 


Another very interesting feeling is when you hit the brakes and you start to feel rumbling under your car. When you hit your brakes you want to come to a stop smoothly, but a rumbling can be a sign that you have warped and worn out brake pads. If this is the case then you need to have your car looked at right away. Often the rumbling is associated with a screeching or a grinding noise where the brake pads are not functioning properly. If you wait too long, you could be putting yourself and your family in a lot of danger. 


If you hit your brakes and your car starts to veer one direction or the other you have a major problem. Often this can put you in harm's way and can be a function of a few different problems. You could have a leak in one of the brake lines, and the pressures are not equal in the lines your car can veer to one side. It can also be a product of one of the brake pads being worn down to thin. No matter the reason if you feel your car veer to the left or to the right when you hit the brake, it is time to take the car in for some repairs. 

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