The brakes on your car can wear out quickly if you do not have the right maintenance done. Regularly checking the tire pressure is one thing that you can do to reduce wear. It is also important to have tires balanced and a good alignment to ensure that brake pads do not wear out too soon. Here are a few tips that will help reduce wear of your brakes:

1. Regularly Checking Tire Pressure to Ensure Good Handling

If your tires have uneven pressure, this causes problems with handling, as well as wear of the tires that may cause you to need to have them replaced prematurely. Poor tire pressure can also cause wear and stress on your brake system. It is important to regularly check your tire pressure to ensure that it is not causing uneven wear of tire and brake pads. Get in the habit of checking your tires as frequently as you fill up with gas. In addition, it is a good idea to check tire pressure when there is a weather change and extreme temperature differences.

2. Balancing and Rotating Tires to Ensure Even Wear

When you have tires installed on your car, they are balanced to ensure even rotation. When your tires are out of balance, this can cause them to wobble and wear unevenly. Poorly balanced tires can also cause wear on your brakes. Sometimes, tires where differently, which is why having them rotated and balanced is a good idea to get more miles before they need to be changed and to reduce wear on your brakes.

3. Regular Inspections of Suspension and Alignments to Reduce Wear

It is not only your tires that can wear and cause problems with the brakes. Your suspension can also affect the wear of tires and brakes. It is a good idea to have an alignment done whenever you have maintenance done. In addition, have the shop do any inspection of suspension components. Parts like shocks or struts need to be replaced when they become worn and reached the end of their life. On cars that are more than 3 years old, it is also a good idea to inspect rubber bushings and dust covers that can dry out and crack with age.

These tips will help prevent brake wear and help prevent some of the costly repairs that are needed when brakes fail. Contact an Audi repair service such as Sterling Service Inc to help with some of the improvements you  need to reduce wear and cost of repairs.