Today, converting classic cars to fuel injection is something that provides many performance benefits. Before you decide to convert your car to fuel injection, there are a few problems that you must deal with, such as upgrading the fuel pump and installing a secondary fuel line for a return to your gas tank. Here are some of the common problems with fuel injection conversions and what you can do to deal with them.

1. Installing A New Fuel Pump and What Is Needed for Fuel Injection

When you are planning on installing a fuel injection kit, one of the things that you are likely going to need to do is install a new fuel pump. This is since the pump needs to provide better flow of fuel to the throttle body. It may also need to be relocated, which can cause problems if there are mounts, brackets or other parts on the block, which often need to be left in place. Pay attention to the manufacturers suggests avoiding problems like loss of engine compression when converting your car to fuel injection.

2. Making Sure the Fuel Lines Are Sized Correctly and Installing A Return

You will also want to make sure that fuel lines are installed correctly to avoid problems. You may need to install different diameter lines to match the application of the kit you are using and the model car they are being installed on. In addition, with fuel injection, you need to install an additional fuel return line, which is something that is missing on carburetor engine designs. You have a choice of drilling a hole in the tank for the additional return line or replacing the tank with fittings already installed for fuel injection systems and improved performance.

3. Options for Control Modules and Tuning When Installing Fuel Injection Kits

One of the benefits that you have with fuel injection conversions is the choice for tuning your car for maximum performance. This is done with the control module that you install for the fuel injection, which you can choose from kits that come with the control module, or choose a separate control module to use with your fuel injection conversion project.

These are some of the common problems that you will have to deal with when doing a fuel injection conversion for your classic auto restoration. If you need help with repairs to get your car ready for fuel injection conversion kit, contact an auto repair shop.