It's extremely important for you to make sure you stay on top of caring for your car or truck to make sure it is safe for you and your family to drive in, as well as safe to share the roadway with others. One of the things you definitely want to make sure you stay on top of are your brakes. You count on them to stop, and without them, you would be in big trouble. For this reason, it is important for you to know the signs of your brakes needing to be replaced soon. This article will go over these signs for you.

You hear a squeak from your wheels – Brakes have been designed with handy sensors in them, and these sensors will start to make a squeaking sound once the pads are getting low enough to require a brake change. When you start to hear that sound, it is time to take the car or truck in to have the brakes replaced.

Your car or truck feels like it is pulling – If you are driving your vehicle and you feel like the car is starting to pull to one side when you step down on your brake pedal, then you want to have the brakes looked at. Pulling to one side when you step on the brake pedal indicates that you may have one brake pad wearing out faster than the other one.

You feel a wobble – If you feel your vehicle wobble or you notice that the steering wheel wobbles under your hands when you are stepping down on the brake pedal, then this is also a sign the brakes and rotors are in need of being looked at. When this happens, this can indicate that you are dealing with warped rotors. When they get warped, the brake pads won't press down on them evenly like they normally do, which is what causes you to feel this sensation.

You hear grinding from the wheels – If you haven't noticed any other signs of the brakes needing replacement until you start to hear a grinding noise, then you really need to get in to have the brakes looked at immediately. The grinding happens when the brake pads are gone, and you literally have metal rubbing on metal. This is extremely dangerous to continue driving your car or truck in this shape. At this point, you should be parking your vehicle until you can have it taken in to have the brakes taken care of. Driving it further is not only a safety issue but can lead to rotor damage.

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