Acceleration is part of your car that you do not think about until something goes wrong with it. If you've noticed a problem where the vehicle loses power when you are accelerating, be aware that it could be one of these three reasons.

Filter Clogs

All fuel has impurities in it that could damage your vehicle's engine and cause it to become less efficient. This is where your vehicle's fuel filter comes into play since it is capable of trapping those impurities before they reach the engine. Your fuel filter can be found between the vehicle's fuel pump and fuel injector, and it can easily become clogged with all those impurities from the fuel. A clogged filter will limit how much fuel can go into the engine at a time, which is why you can lose power while accelerating.

A similar problem can occur if your vehicle's air filter happens to be clogged since the right amount of air cannot properly mix with your fuel to power your vehicle.

Sensor Malfunctioning

Your vehicle has a couple sensors that can malfunction, which will cause a problem with losing power while accelerating. The camshaft sensor is one of them, and its job is to detect how fast the vehicle is going and relay that data to an electrical module. The electrical module then takes that info and figures out how to get your vehicle to the proper speed. If the sensor is not receiving the correct information due to a malfunction, you can lose power when accelerating.

There is an oxygen sensor as well, which has the job of measuring the gas the exist's the vehicle's exhaust system. Similar to the camshaft sensor, it monitors the fuel-to-air ratio in the engine and makes adjustments so that the engine can receive the right amount of power.

Fuel Injector Malfunctioning

As the name implies, your vehicle's fuel injector has the job of injecting fuel into the engine. It has full control over how much fuel is used and how often it injects fuel, which plays a factor in accelerating. If the fuel injector is malfunctioning, the engine won't get the fuel it needs when you press down on the accelerator.

If you're not sure why your vehicle is losing power on the road, take it to a local auto service for an inspection. They can perform the necessary tests to figure out what is wrong with your vehicle.