Of the various types of maintenance and care that you will need to do for your vehicle, making sure that the tires are in safe and functional condition can be easy to overlook. Considering that the tires are responsible for supporting the entire vehicle, it is important for drivers to avoid potentially damaging or otherwise degrading their tires.

Inspect The Tires Every Week

It is impossible for you to be aware of developing problems with your tires if you are not regularly checking them. Regular inspections will allow for damages, excessive wear, and low air pressure to be identified fairly quickly. At a minimum, vehicle owners should perform a quick visual inspection of their tires once a week. If you notice anything unusual, you should take the vehicle to a tire service center. Individuals will often neglect to treat these problems seriously, but this can be a mistake. The tires of the vehicle will be under intense stress while the vehicle is traveling at high speed, and this can cause even minor problems to result in explosive tire failure.

Know The Benefits Of Using Winter Tires

The winter months can present some of the most challenging and unsafe driving conditions of the year. These hazards can be worsened by driving on icy or slick roads using summer or all-purpose tires. These tires will struggle to get enough traction on the slick surface of the road. Investing in winter tires can help you to keep control of your vehicle even when the roads start to become slick as they are engineered to have more surface area while still being able to grip to the road.

Avoid Overloading The Tires

If you must tow or haul heavy items, it is important to be mindful of the weight limits of both your vehicle and its tires. Exceeding the weight limit for your tires can be potentially devastating as it may cause the tires to pop from the weight. If this occurs while the vehicle is in operation, it could result in you losing control of the vehicle and potentially wrecking.

Rotate And Balance The Tires According To Your Vehicle's Recommended Schedule

Rotating and balancing the tires can help to make your tires last longer, preventing excessive localized wear on the tires. The weight of the vehicle will be distributed slightly differently to each tire, and rotating the tires will help to keep the tires wearing at the same rate. These routine tasks should be done with each oil change, but those that drive off-road or over poorly constructed roads may need this done more frequently.

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