Problems with acceleration when you are driving your vehicle can indicate a number of problems. While your car may still run, a car that won't get up to speed as fast as it used to could be experiencing mechanical issues. Whether your exhaust system needs to be repaired, or your transmission isn't changing gears correctly, it's important to have your car inspected when you notice changes to the way it is driving. When you ignore issues, you can end up causing further damage to your car that could have been avoided. If your car isn't able to gain speed and you are concerned with the way it is handling, bring your car to an auto repair mechanic for further diagnostics.

When Your Exhaust System Is Failing

Holes in your exhaust system can make it hard for your car to accelerate quickly. Your engine needs air to run efficiently. When the circulation of air is off because of a hole in your exhaust system, this is going to cause problems with your car's ability to pick up speed. You may noticed that you smell fumes in your vehicle, another sign that there is a hole in your exhaust that needs to be repaired.

Transmission Problems While Driving

Your transmission is responsible for changing gears while your vehicle is moving. When you can't get up to speed fast enough, your transmission may be making it difficult for your car to go faster. This could be as simple as needing more transmission fluid and as expensive as needing a whole new transmission. If you are driving and your car seems to jerk into gear, this can indicate problems with your transmission.

Your Gas Contains Water

There are times when condensation in your gas tank can add water to your gas. If the condensation is too much and your gas is watered down, you can have trouble picking up speed while you drive. Dry gas can take out the water in your tank and make the gas usable again. If you use a container of dry gas, this could fix your problem and allow your car to drive normally. If this doesn't fix your issue, you'll need to bring your car to a mechanic for repair.

If your car isn't picking up speed like it used to, you will want to do some investigation. Try some dry gas to see if that fixes the problem. Look for signs that your exhaust system isn't working. If your car has trouble getting into gear, this could be the transmission.