Has your vehicle recently been the victim of a relatively minor parking lot accident? Despite being minor, are you now faced with a small dent somewhere on the vehicle? It's not uncommon for cars to be struck by a shopping cart or another car door when you go shopping. As unsightly as the damage might be, you're probably putting off having it repaired because you think that it'll take too much time and money to do so. Although a traditional dent repair might be expensive, you may not need to take this route. There are a number of reasons to investigate your options, including:

Speed: With traditional auto body repair, you may have to leave your vehicle in the shop for many days as they either pound out the dent in question or wait for a completely new body panel to arrive. In either case, it's not uncommon to have to wait another day or two while they match the paint color and paint or repaint the panel that was repaired or replaced. But with auto body paintless dent repair, you can have your vehicle back in a matter of hours. You'll still have to drop your vehicle off, but you should be able to get it back on the same day.

Cost: A traditional dent repair can cost many hundreds of dollars, depending on exactly what is required in order to fix the damage. With an auto body paintless dent repair, the total cost is going to be significantly lower. Depending on the exact nature of the damage, you may only need to pay a few tens of dollars for each dent that is repaired. This is obviously going to be much more affordable than the traditional repair that you may currently be considering.

Aesthetics: With a traditional repair, it's not uncommon to need to paint the damaged panel or the panel that is replacing the damaged panel. Unfortunately, due to weathering, this paint may not be an exact match even with an extremely skilled paint specialist. This means that you're faced with the choice of either driving around with a mismatched body panel or having your entire vehicle repainted to match. But with an auto body paintless dent repair, it's in the name that this won't be a decision that you'll have to face. As long as no paint was scraped off when the damage occurred, you can have your vehicle repaired without worrying how it'll look afterward.