The shocks and struts on your vehicle help ensure that your vehicle moves in a stable manner and that your tires maintain contact with the road. They keep you from feeling every little bounce as you drive down the road. Your shocks and struts are essential for enjoying a smooth and safe ride.

#1: Squeaky Vehicle

When you drive, you should hear the hum of your engine but you shouldn't hear little squeaks as you go over each bump and pothole in the road. If you hear squeaks every time there is a change in road conditions, there is a good chance your shocks and struts are worn out. However, your ball joints or bushings may also be worn out. Squeaking when just driving is usually related to those four parts. Squeaking when braking is related to your brake system.

#2: Vehicle Dives Down When Braking

When you hit on your brakes, your vehicle has to stop itself. Although your brakes do most of the work, your shocks and struts help to absorb your forward momentum and play a crucial role in allowing you to smoothly come to a safe stop. When your shocks start to fear out and you brake, your vehicle will start nose diving forward, as your shocks are not able to absorb the forward momentum and weight of your vehicle. If you don't address this promptly, your braking will not be as effective and your steering control will be compromised.

#3: Vehicle Rises Up When Accelerating

When you accelerate, your shocks play a role in allowing you to go forward smoothly. When your shocks are worn out, your vehicle's momentum will be transferred from the front end of your vehicle to the rear end the vehicle. This will make the front end of your vehicle rise when you accelerate.

#4: Overall Poor Quality

When your shocks and struts are worn out, your overall vehicle experience is just not going to be as good. You are going to feel your vehicle's reaction to every bump in the road. You are going to feel like your vehicle has gotten bouncier. When you make a turn, your vehicle is going to feel like it is rolling too much.

If your shocks and struts are demonstrating any of the signs above, it is time to get your vehicle into the local auto repair shop and get your vehicle fixed up. A smooth ride is also a safe ride.

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