Taking your car to the shop for a brake inspection can help pinpoint issues before they become severe and costly to repair. If you feel like your car is harder to stop, or your brakes are making a lot of noise when using them, get a brake inspection at your local repair shop or a brake shop in your area.

Vibration When Braking

Vibrations in the brake pedal when you apply the brakes are not normal and can be a sign of several problems that need immediate attention. The brakes may start to vibrate when the brake rotor develops a warp or is out of round. 

The vibration you feel in the pedal is because the rotor is applying uneven resistance to the brakes as it turns against the brake pads. A brake inspection will uncover the problem if it is there, and fixing this condition is not difficult. Often, the brake tech will replace the rotor or put it on a brake lathe and grind the surface smooth again. 

If that does not stop the shaking, you may have some suspension damage or wear, but your tech can check those parts for you while they are looking the car over. Often, a worn tie rod or ball joint will allow some shake when braking, and you may not notice it any other time. 

Excessive Noise

You may want to have a brake inspection done if your car is making a lot of noise when you are braking. The cause of the noise can be the wear tab letting you know you need brake pads, it can be the pads making noise against the rotor, or other damage under the car. 

One of the most common noises people hear when braking is a squealing noise. The squeal is often caused by glazed brake pads or the pad type you are using on your car. 

Brake pads that use completely organic material are often the quietest pads you can use, but they wear very fast and tend to produce a lot of brake dust. Semi-metallic pads are more durable, but they use copper, iron, steel, or other metals to extend their life. 

The amount of metal in the pads can play a role in the noise coming from the brakes, but if they are squealing a lot, you should have a brake inspection to ensure there is nothing wrong with the brake system.