Your vehicle has a rotor and distributor cap, which are responsible for getting electricity to the engine so that it can combust fuel. However, these parts may fail over time and require repair or replacement. Here are some signs that your rotor and distributor cap are failing.

The Engine Is Hesitating

Do you notice that your engine is struggling to perform some actions that were fine in the past? For example, the engine may be struggling and take longer to start than it did previously. The flow of electricity may be interrupted, which is causing an action to take longer than usual. It may be early on in the failure process as well since this is one of the first signs that something is wrong with the engine not getting enough power.

The Engine Misfires

An engine that misfires has a problem where some cylinders are firing while others are not. The reason some cylinders don't move is that they are not getting enough electricity for them to move properly. Since the rotor and distributor cap play a role in getting electricity to the engine, this is a sign that something is wrong with this part.

The Engine Makes Odd Noises

You may start hearing some odd noises coming from the engine, which could be due to the engine not getting enough electricity. Even a misfiring engine can cause some odd noises, which may be the first sign that you identify that something is wrong. If you pop open the hood and narrow down the noises to the engine, then you know it could be an electrical problem caused by the rotor and distributor cap.

The Service Engine Soon Light Turns On

If your rotor and distributor cap are malfunctioning, it may set off the service engine soon light on your vehicle's dashboard. You can take your vehicle to a mechanic or auto parts store, and they'll plug a computer into your vehicle to tell you the error code that has gone off to trigger the light. This can help easily identify the part that is malfunctioning.

The Engine Doesn't Start

While there can be several reasons why your engine is not starting, it can be due to this part in particular. This will happen because electricity is not getting to the engine at all and it won't start. This will be one of the most extreme problems you'll have with your rotor and distributor cap, and you're likely to see other warning signs happen prior to this problem.

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