One of the most important elements in your vehicle is the transmission. The transmission transfers energy from the engine to the wheels to make your car move. Therefore, driving your car will be more difficult if this component fails. However, before your transmission fails, it will exhibit various signs of damage. Ignoring these signs will increase the damage and repair expenses. Remember that your auto's transmission is one of the costly components to repair and replace. Therefore, auto repair professionals recommend taking your car for transmission repair once you notice these three early signs of damage.

1. Unusual Sounds When Engaging the Gear

Since you are the one who uses your car every day, no one best understands its functioning and driving experience as you do. Therefore, picking up a strange noise will be easy. However, once you notice unusual sounds, especially when shifting gears or when your car is neutral, it is advisable not to ignore them. That's because such sounds are a major indication of transmission problems. So, the next best step is immediately taking your car to an expert mechanic to determine the source of the problem and fix it.

2. Unfamiliar Odors Similar to Burning Rubber

Though a car drive exposes you to various smells, paying attention to any odors that seem to be coming from your car components is critical since they indicate that something is wrong. For example, burning smells from your car could be caused by hot transmission fluid. When your transmission fluid leaks or accumulates contaminants, it will burn with a distinct smell of burning rubber. Experts can eliminate such problems by draining the transmission fluid and replacing it. Otherwise, ignoring such smells will cause further transmission issues and increase the need for replacement.

3. Unexpected or Slow Gear Shifting

An effective transmission will maintain one gear until you change it. However, when the transmission begins failing, it can cause the gear to shift as you drive, or it may not respond to your gear changes on time. Such inconsistencies with your gear shifts are annoying and affect your ability to control your car's accelerations. Therefore, you will be exposing yourself and other motorists to danger when you drive a vehicle with such issues.

Take your car to auto repair professionals if it begins exhibiting any of these issues. Otherwise, ignoring weird sounds and smells or gear problems allows your transmission problems to develop. As a result, you may have to replace your transmission, which can leave a huge dent in your pocket.