A vehicle transmission generally lasts a long time, but it won't last forever. Some transmissions wear out faster than others, and you might wonder if your transmission is going out. The trouble is that you might not know how to tell without having a mechanic look at it. While hiring a mechanic is a smart idea if you suspect transmission issues, you can also look for the signs. Here is a list of some common signs of transmission failure.

Trouble shifting

The first sign you might notice when your transmission is failing is trouble shifting. For example, are you experiencing problems trying to put your car in reverse? If so, this could be a transmission issue. You might also notice that your car doesn't shift smoothly between gears while driving. When a car starts having trouble shifting, it generally indicates a problem with the vehicle's transmission. You shouldn't ignore this problem. Instead, you might want to take it to a shop that offers transmission services. Your vehicle might demonstrate signs of this when you're accelerating. Hesitation during shifting generally happens when a transmission fails.

Loud or strange sounds

Hearing strange or loud sounds coming from your engine might also be a sign of transmission problems. For example, are you starting to hear a loud sound you never heard before when you're accelerating? If so, you should get your car checked. Your engine shouldn't make loud sounds. However, loud or weird sounds could also indicate various other problems.

Check engine light is on

When a transmission isn't working properly, it can cause the "check engine" light to illuminate. If your check engine light comes on and if you're experiencing some of the signs listed here, the problem might be with your vehicle's transmission.

Get transmission testing services

If you see any of these signs or others that might indicate transmission problems, you might want to contact a mechanic that offers transmission testing services. To diagnose the problem, they will connect a diagnostics reader to your vehicle. The result is a reading of any engine code problems. If your transmission is failing, it will show up on this report. Additionally, they'll test drive your car to look for signs of issues and examine each component in your engine to locate the issue.

A mechanic can check your vehicle's transmission to determine if there is a problem. Contact a company like Transmission Physician today to schedule an appointment.