In the current career climate, trades are a popular career option instead of going to school for a four-year degree. Becoming an automotive technician is an evergreen career field with interesting career paths after graduation.


Self-employment is often the objective for people who want more flexibility and control over their lives and income. One interesting approach to self-employment would be becoming a mobile auto technician. Since people generally have to bring their car in for servicing, this is problematic for some people who cannot get their car to run and cannot afford a tow truck to bring it in. Of course, getting the idea off the ground might be challenging, but you can look for resources that help small businesses fund their idea or consider crowdsourcing. In the meantime, you might want to focus on fairly simple automotive tasks that are easy to do with minimal tools and products. Once you establish yourself as a business it will be easier to purchase tools and supplies, such as motor oil, at wholesale prices.


The great aspect of learning a trade is you can teach the next generation of automotive technicians. There are a wide variety of platforms you can use for teaching. You likely want to find automotive technician programs in your area and see if you can teach at these locations. If you have transferable skills, you might find there are related courses you can teach. Many people with significant knowledge use online platforms to teach. People can create their own courses and charge a fee for enrollment. You would want to gear your classes to people who are currently enrolled in automotive programs and need extra help with learning or people who are trying to fix their own problems. Start by gaining a following on free platforms and showcasing basic information, then charge for in-depth courses.

Pit Crew

Probably one of the most interesting and exciting career paths as an automotive technician is becoming a member of the pit crew for racing. It's unlikely you will become a member of the pit crew for NASCAR fresh out of training, so you should set smaller, realistic goals. Some localities have stock car tracks and this is an excellent place to start. Not only will you become familiar with fixing cars that are specifically made for racing, but you will also learn tactics to improve your speed since this aspect is critical in racing. Ideally, you will try to gain experience in similar areas, such as Formula 1 racing and motocross. This is the ideal way to gain experience and references so being part of the pit crew for professional racing could be in your future.

Being an automotive technician is more than working as a shop technician. There are many opportunities to be your own boss or work in more interesting environments. For more information, contact an automotive technician near you.