That chip in your car's windshield may not seem like a big deal. It could be as small as a dime. Or, you might have a small crack in your windshield that looks like nothing more than a nuisance. Since the damage doesn't impede your ability to see clearly through the glass, you may convince yourself it's okay. However, that minor blemish can be hazardous. The windshield does much more than keep the wind and rain from hitting you in the face. It plays a critical role in the integrity of your car. That means a chip or crack that doesn't seem like much can make your car dangerous to drive. This article can help you see why even slight damage to your windshield should get repaired.

Shattering Glass

A windshield has laminated glass designed to hold it together during impact. When chips or cracks have weakened the glass, it can shatter. The flying shards can cause injuries to anyone in the car. 

Failed Airbag Deployment

Many people don't realize the windshield is a vital component of the passenger airbag system. When the airbags deploy, they push against the windshield and help cushion the blow to protect the passenger. When a windshield is chipped or cracked, the force of the airbag hitting the window can cause the already weakened glass to shatter. The airbag can go through the windshield, preventing someone from being protected. 

Possible Passenger Ejection

Windshields are designed to prevent passenger ejection. If a person's seatbelt isn't on correctly, a chip or crack increases their chances of going through the windshield. 

Vision Impairment

One of the most common dangers of driving a car with chips or cracks in the windshield is vision impairment. Minor damages can cause vision difficulties when the sun or headlights hit the chip or crack. When the light goes into your eyes, it can cause temporary blindness that can cause an accident. 


The best way to prevent the things mentioned above from happening is to have the windshield in your vehicle promptly fixed when it has any damage. Even if they seem like minor cosmetic issues, realize they can be much more than that. Having your windshield professionally repaired can make it as good as new. Now that you understand the importance of having a windshield that's in good condition, you'll remember to always have minor issues taken care of right away.

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