An integral part of your car's drivetrain, the driveshaft, is responsible for converting the power from the engine into torque that moves the wheels. Without the driveshaft, the wheels would not rotate, and you would be unable to make a turn in your car.

Usually, when the driveshaft is going bad, it will give you warnings indicating that it could break so that you can have the issue fixed. Below are a couple of signs that your car's driveshaft is having problems and needs to be repaired before it breaks completely.

1. You Hear a Clunking Sound and Have Difficulty Moving the Steering Wheel While Making a Turn

One sign that your car's driveshaft is having serious issues is when you start having difficulty moving the steering wheel to make a turn. As the car does turn, you may hear a clunking noise that may also send out vibrations that you can feel through the steering wheel.

If the driveshaft's U-joint is going bad or the driveshaft itself is worn or damaged, it will catch while you try to turn the vehicle, which will create clunking noises. A repair technician will be able to tell whether the U-joint or the driveshaft needs to be replaced.

2. You Feel the Car Shudder Whenever You Step on the Gas to Accelerate from a Full Stop

Another sign that there is an issue with your car's driveshaft is when you feel the entire car shudder whenever you step on the gas. This shuddering is typically felt when you are accelerating from a full stop.

If the driveshaft is wearing down, it will not be able to produce the amount of torque needed to power the wheels on demand and may take a few rotations to move the wheels. Eventually, the shuddering may be felt every time you try to accelerate if a professional does not take care of the issue by repairing or replacing the driveshaft.

When you hear a clunking noise whenever you make a turn and find that you have to use force to move the steering wheel, these signs are usually indicative of a problem with the driveshaft. You may also feel the entire car shudder and vibrate whenever you accelerate from a full stop. If the driveshaft breaks completely before something is done about its issues, you will not be able to drive your car. Before this happens, take your car to a shop that offers auto driveshaft repair services to have them find the issue and fix it.