So you've booked your next vacation and plan to rent a car to see the sights. Now, it's time to pick out your rental car and get on the road. But did you know there are things you can do ahead of time that will set you up for rental car success? Here are three things to keep in mind before you book your rental car for your next vacation. 

Call Your Insurance Company 

Many car rental agencies offer insurance as a convenient way to keep their customers covered in the event of an accident. While having insurance in place while driving is an obvious requirement, you may not need to purchase this feature through your rental car agency. Many auto insurance policies already offer a comprehensive coverage option that includes rental cars. This coverage will guarantee you are protected in the event of an auto accident or in need of roadside assistance, to name a few examples. Call your auto insurance company before you book your car to go over whether or not rental cars are included in your policy. 

Book Your Car Ahead of Time

Another helpful tip to keep in mind when booking your rental car is to hold your reservation in advance. Booking last minute can be done, but remember that this will greatly increase your rental car rates. If you book too late, you may also have far fewer options when it comes to which car you're able to rent. To ensure that you get the best deal possible, be sure to call ahead of time to book your rental car. This will also give you a good idea of what to expect from the process and can serve as an excellent time to get all of your questions out of the way ahead of time. 

Consider Where You'll Drive

The type of car you choose matters! Before you book your rental car, consider what type of trip you're doing and where you'll be taking your vehicle. If you'd like to drive long distances during your vacation, consider a car that is more economical when it comes to gas mileage. While a luxurious car might seem like it would be best for you, it can definitely guzzle up plenty of gas money along the way so choose wisely. If you're not planning on driving long distances but would like to cruise in style, then perhaps something small and sporty would be just the ticket. Remember to have fun with what you choose but bear in mind how you'll be spending your time in your car. 

If you want to rent a car, contact a local rental company.